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BattleMapp is free and runs in the browser and there are Patreon-only features: hero characters, an extensive list of props, premade maps, token avatars and much more. Version 1.0 of BattleMapp (in development) will have save/load functionality, map exporting features and much more, and will be free (including all updates) to Patreon supporters, always. 

I created BattleMapp because during the first lockdown I convinced a bunch of buddies to play their first session of D&D together over Zoom/Skype. They became addicted immediately and I found myself DM'ing every Friday night online.

As BattleMapp is in BETA at the moment (and it's running 3D in the browser) some features are limited. For example you cannot save/load maps, or even undo/redo actions. I describe it as a "sketching tool" for those DM's that want a quick and dirty way to get an encounter going online.

This is what I do when I use it every Friday night in our campaign:

Load up Zoom and start the session with my players.

When an encounter begins, I load up BattleMapp in the browser and sketch out the battle area.

This takes about 30-seconds. Imagine sketching out a map on a piece of paper IRL: the players need an idea of layout, distances and character/enemy placements.

I share my screen via Zoom so the players can see the map.

I ask for the initiatives and note the combat order on the "notepad" feature in BattleMapp.

I ask for their actions in turn and I move the counters around the map.

I roll the 3D dice in BattleMapp because the players find it exciting to see it landing on those natty 1's.

Once combat has finished, I stop sharing my screen and move on with the game.

As you can see, it is very simple, quick and easy!

So now it is online and free to use – just fire it up, start your video call, share your screen and enjoy!

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